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Link G3 with external map sensor, how?

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Yes with G4 firmware you can.

The other option is to upgrade the internal sensor to a 7bar one.


had a breif look online but cant seem to find anywhere uk based that has internal 7bar sensors, just the external ones.


i already have an external 4bar sensor so how much is the g4 firmware upgrade, i will be capable of doing this myself as per the pdf instructions and previous electronic/programming experiance

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Hi Da'ninja,

the G3 to G4 upgrade is just a paid for upgrade, it is very easily done.

You need to contact your nearest dealer and purchase the upgrade code etc.



I contacted my local Link dealer asking for an upgrade price , and they told me that they had contacted Link and "you" advised the following : :

"Connect the ECU to  the lap top and save the map, update is free of charge through the Link website, the map will need re-installing following the firmware update."

Is this true ? or what other link dealer can I use i? ( UK )

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Hi gtir,

I think that whom ever you spoke with has misunderstood your question.

I believe that they must be thinking your asking about upgrading just the G4 firmware.

What you need to in fact ask them is the following.

You have a G3 and you wish to purchase a G4+ upgrade enable  password.

This is definitely not free, from then on all of your standard firmware updates are free same as your G3 platform was.

Recontact your dealer and ask as  I have written.

If you still have issue please contact Link in New Zealand.



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