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1ggte ignition and injection


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hey I'm trying to decide between using a link g4 storm or an extreme. it will be used on a Toyota 1ggte with a 1ggze CAS.

I believe the 1ggze CAS is similar to the 4agze CAS and 7mgte


Is it possible to run sequential injection and direct spark?


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Hi Rory,

As a 6 Cylinder, the 1GGTE will need the G4 Xtreme to run sequential injection and direct spark (as the Storm only has enough outputs for 4 cylinders or group fuel/wasted spark on a 6)

As far as triggers go you need a multitooth signal at Cam or Crank speed and a Cam Sync (Single tooth or tooth missing arrangement) to run Seq Fuel and Direct Spark.

Your CAS should be 24 teeth at Cam speed (Trigger 1) and another Single tooth for a Sync (Trigger 2). With this the Xtreme can run Seq fuel and direct spark on your engine.

- Cameron

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