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sr20 neovvl


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hi,a friend of mine bought a nissan,sr20 with a neo vvl head instaled in

i use the last firmware of the link g4 storm,

the car have s2000 coils and uses the distributor of the vvl engine

we set the aux inputs and outputs,we dont get any errors 

doing the ECCS syn on using the nissan opto triger,engine type other

low res mode on

at eccs widest slot it gives me 9 sometimes and sometimes 10,close this procedure

and go to calibrate the timing

the problem is that whatever we do to the ofset,setting the lock timing at 0 degrees

the timing light doesnt seem to read anything at the gun

sometimes also we dont get spark

using direct fire and sequential,

any input or help would be apreciated


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I have never had anything to do with the SR20 vvl but I would imagine it would still use the same CAS and trigger discs as the standard SR20 unless it runs different cam sensors, how many wires go to the CAS 4.

If so I would just use trigger SR20 and use all the base settings for the SR20 and go from there.

Make sure you carry out the ECCS WIDEST SLOT TEST FIRST, Make sure you have the FUEL INJECTORS Disconnected or turned OFF.

After carrying out the EECS WIDEST SLOT TEST make sure you press F4 and save to the ECU and F2 to save to the pcl file.


Low resolution mode is not normally required, this is only required if using an engine combination that may create abnormal timing chain movements due to large overlap camshafts etc, that will effect the CAS.

Carry out the timing checks as per normal and adjust the Offset to achieve your desired LOCKED TIMING VALUE.

Once You have the timing set correct, hit F4 save to ECU and F2 save to the PCL, re-enable the injectors and try to start.

I always remove the COP and fit a HT plug lead from the co0il to the sparkplug , this is the only way to get a good accurate timing light response.

Remember wet or carbon fouled sparkplugs will create issues and make the timing light do strange things or not flash also.

Check your plugs are not wet or fouled from previous efforts to start the engine.




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first of all thank you so much deave for answering and helping me

after setting all the inputs and outputs to get the car working  without cells

i made an injector and coil test from the link ecu and found that all injectors working and all coils firing

our distributor plug has 8pin connector,probably the 4 are for the cas

when doing the ECCS test i turned the fuel mode to off,then atempt to carnk only the engine and got

trig2 on,eccs on and trig 1 to on

we calibrate the timing having the fuel to off for not giving a stress to the motor we didnt fire up because as we tried once the motor didnt fire up

but during calibrating timing whatever ofset we give the timing gun couldnt even get close to 0 deggres that was locked neither at 10 degrees,we also talked to a dealer and he assumed maybe something with the laptop or softaware glitch

i will try your advises my friend and will see how it goes,thank you so much if you can think something more please let me know

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if you need further assistance I also do remote tuning and diagnostic work.

If you visit my website www.protuningcairns.com go to the Remote tuning tab, go to the bottom of that page and install the free support software onto your laptop, I can log into your laptop and assist with issues.



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hi again,at last the car fired up,as a result after doing all things right the car seemed to fire in the exhaust stroke,now everything is fine it drives well and we will continue step by step to see what happens with the boost,thank you dave for your help

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hi again,got the car running without using dual maps for now,i experience a very confusing problem here

i manage to start the intake and exhaust vvl at around 6000 rpm,but the car in order to ask for more fuel needs less,

like v.e starts decreasing around 7000rmp,that is very confusing because i think is strange a turbo motor with good flow on the head because of vvl to drop its v.e ,

any advise on this


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ok simon thanks for the answer,i will try that also,i thought that the neovvl is almost the same as the vtec,so from my experience on honda motors i thought that that was the way to deal with it,also the car have bigger cas than oem,also it was tuned from a tuner but it had a ridiculus dynograph,i mean the line was upside down everywhere,and with that map they trigered the vvle around 5800

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