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tps or map

daniel carter

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Hi Daniel.

It is usually the prefered method to tune across MAP, however TPS can be used if you have very unstable idle due to individual throttle bodies and turbulent air flow. 

If you have just a single intake then I would be using MAP, as it represents the LOAD more accurately than a TPS position allowing for the correct AFR to be more easily met under any LOAD conditions.

If you were to tune 40% TPS @ 4000RPM to give you 14.5AFR cool.  But what happens when you are in a different gear with 40% TPS @ 4000RPM.  The MAP LOAD is much different. 

The new G4 systems allow you have your whole ECU map tuned against MAP, and then to switch over to TPS at lower RPM for those tricky individual throttle bodies.  Quite a nice feature.

I hope this explains the reasons well enough.  Good luck with the tune.



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