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cam sensor ej255 sti avcs

Nick Diggles

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the rh cam sensor (sti ej255 avcs inlet cams) keeps getting errors when i go into runtime values but with a couple revs on the status goes back to ok any ideas? DI2 is the input for it where as i use trig 2 for the lh cam sensor because it also gives sync pulse, im unsure on this any help would be appreciated cheers Nick

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Hi Nick.

The possibility exists that either the cam signal is a little weak at the low RPM's, or the offsets have been set a little incorrectly.  For the first option, this is why the cam RPM lock out in the set up exists, so it doesn't even look at them until above x RPM. 

For the second option, just follow the PCLink help on setting up the VT cam offset... It actually is quite good.  Anymore issues, please don't hesitate to jump on here again, or contact [email protected].  It would be good to see a post of the outcome here if you can.


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If you have you RPM lockout just slightly higher than the RPM you are getting errors then you will be fine.

This is assuming your errors are at say below 2000rpm and not at the top end of the rpm range.

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