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Who can tune a G4 Link on RB in Gisborne

Mat Boonen

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I am a first time Link tuner so I have a Silly question but I have got so far and just need someones assistance to go any further.

I have managed to install a G4 plugin into a skyline R33, set it up so it starts and idles well AFR 12.7 1000rpm , but I am loathed to

go much further. I can't find what turns the fan on or what parameters to use to control the Variable valve timing..

(The idle took a bit of sorting in itself, altering deadtimes until it stabilised,

that worked by altering the  injector deadtimes and Idle control valve on motor. winding the idle back a little helped

early tries had temp started to climb when idle was at 1500 rpm (in a shed) and afrs in the 15+ range.

I have a LM2 Wideband, and Home made Knock sensor :), Laptop etc, just looking for someone to provide some guidance

experience/expertise as to what to do next. ie which table to adjust to get all ranges and values right how many cells to alter at a time

And which to do in which order. ignition,fuel etc.

I am unsure about the deadtimes etc for injectors (running Rx7 about 800cc-850 odd cc secondary injectors) they are at 1.06 at 14.0v

now. next thing is how to tune under load. but if I can find someone experienced to sit and tune/demonstrate w

hilst I drive or better still find a dyno and or see what I have got right thus far.

All I want to be able to do it get it stable enough to drive to a reputable tuner in another city... (anyone of you coming to Gissy for R&V).

I can even send my pcl file to you if that would help.



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Hi Matt.

Reading though the help file and some general experience should get you through.  Adjusting/guessing dead times on your injectors to adjust fueling was your first bad idea.  You should really find out what the actual dead times are, or use the default numbers in the Link example map if there is no way of obtaining these.  Dynamic fuel adjustments should be made on the fuel table after setting the master fuel number correctly.

The fan relay should be wired to an AUX, and that AUX set to Engine Fan.  The settings will come up in there to give it active polarity and on temperature etc...  As for the Variable cam timing - You do not require anything fancy unless you have the NEO head on it, as they are infinately variable however, none of the other RB's are from my undrstanding.  Just ON/OFF solenoids for oil valve like VTEC.  Like the fan, you wire the solenoid to an AUX and set that up as cam solenoid.  You also set your RPM ON/OFF points for this solenoid there too.

Read the PCLink help file - It is awesome!  There might be some good info for you to look at in the actuall Skyline plug in manual too... You can get this here - http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g4-engine-management-documentation/NissanGTS




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I got SARD/Denso 850's running in my engine, they are technically similar (actually SARD takes Nippondenso injectors, flowtests them and sells them...). Lag times are:

SARD/Denso 850cc

16v = 0.568
14v = 0.768
12v = 1.048
10v = 1.408
8v = 2.008
6v = 2.840

Average lagtime under operating parameters (slightly lower than 14V since there is a current induced voltage drop at the injectors...) is 0.85ms, thats a value given by SARD which you would use if you had an ECU without voltage compensation like the EManage Ultimate.

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some advise mate:   you are going to make it hard for any tuner to get correct if you keep tuning your car. The dead times are one of the last things you adjust  after you have set up the master fuel and then tune each zone in fuel settings then ignition timing then go back to the fuel again to double check it.

 your battery voltage should be very stable during this peroid  when you have finished tuning the fuel and ignition then disconnect the alternator and hold the revs stable lets say 2000 rpm as the voltage goes down then adjust the dead times to keep the afr stable to speed this up you can turn on your lights it should only take about ten min to do this after you have done this then go into your accel and then cold start settings then set up the fan and load fuel gains etc

hope this helps

cheers Rosss

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Thanks Felix that is way different from where mine is at

Thanks Ross

These are my current settings in the deadtime table, the only ones I altered was the 13v 14v and 15v ones as the engine was just getting hot and AFR was  around 16-17 to 1off the standard default 440cc skyline  table











I startedy using  a reputable tuners reccomendation of where the value should approximately be for these 850cc injectors at 14v and just changed it a little from there until afr was around 12.7. But I will stop now until I can get it on a dyno and someone to tune it properly, but at least I can start it now and watch the AFR and it is stable if not a little rich. but at least the initial worry to get it on a transporter has been solved without melting a piston..

currently Master fuel  is 7ms  and

Fuel Trim is currently 0%

Have a merry XMAS



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