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waterproof case


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Im building a 4wd with a turboed 1uz as the engine.,  I want to protect my extreme ecu as its one of the more expensive parts. I plan to mount in in a plastic junction box but due to space restrictions I only want to use a box basically just big enough for my link to fit in, does the link need any sort of ventalation requirements? or will it overheat mounted in a small box? thanks 

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I run a Jimco offroader in NZ. I have my G4 Extreme enclosed in a junction box that has a little room to move and foam padded (simply to protect it from high frequency, high G,  vibrations). As added protection I run the Marine version, which simply has the Link box filled with a special resin.

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Hi Alistair,

One thing to be aware of is that the Xtreme has an internal barometer, if you totally seal the box the ECU will not be able to compensate for barometric changes (weather or elevation). There are two solutions, have the ECU in a closed box, but not totally sealed or wire an external baro sensor up and have this outside the box.

See PCLink Help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Analog Inputs > Barometric Sensor Type for more information.



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