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Museum piece or serviceable ecu?

Michael von Collas

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I have an elderly ecu. The code the board is 9707 S/N 290364. The chip is labelled EMX42WG 240797. The daughter board is labelled LINK1997 RELUCTOR42. Safe to assume this link was put together in July 1997? I'm told it was used on a Ford Escort. My questions are these: What model ecu is this? Will it run a VW type 1? Where can I get a 17 (18?) pin plug to fit?


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Hi Michael.

She is an old girl alright... We would all say 'museum piece', however if it is working, and your VW isn't meant to be anything more special than a daily driver it should do the trick.  The sub/daughter-board you described inside is to decode the triggering, so clearly on a MK1 VW you're going to need to sort out a trigger system for it.

The sub board you have in there currently will do 1 tooth/TDC, which means to you you will at least need a 4 toothed trigger wheel (and sensor to suit) on the cam as Trig1 or 2 teeth on the crank.  Trig 2 you will not need to worry about in this case. Assuming that you are sticking with a distributor.  And that's about it really.  Make sure you have an ECT sensor at minimum and you should be away!  You will also need an ignitor to drive the ignition system too... This will perform the job of the contacts in the distributor.


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