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wrx97r chip vs wrx99r chip

neil brown

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right, just checking


a wrx97r chip (ver3+4) has 6 rows of tuning and a wrx99r chip (ver 5 and 6)has 10 rows of tuning


is it possible to fit the 99r chip onto the ver 3+4 ecu board and have 10 rows of tuning opposed to 6 rows or it is in the ecu board itself


if it is possible and works fine, are the chips available on their own

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Was there any wrx97r chips that have 10 rows of tuning


as my mapper says the jumps between load cells when moving to 3 bar map sensor might make it jumpy


car spec is


jdm bottom end with sti5 heads and fully ported and polished

ver 4 iscv and throttle body fitted to ver 5 inlet

newage top feed fuel system parallel set up

nissuan gtr works tuning fuel regulator

sard low impedance 650cc twin port injectors

300 lph in tank fuel pump

3 port boost solenoid

3 bar map sensor

a gt2860rs Owen development turbo in standard location 

triple thickness top mount intercooler and baileys dump valve

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As long as they tune the ECU to the row centers you will find it will work ok. Back in the day there were some big HP cars on G1's. THeir biggest issues are the lack of altitude and air temp compensation along with limited tuning for warmup.

Given the motor has had more than just bolt ons I really would suggest a better ECU. The old G1s really should be best avoided as they are almost 20year old technology now.

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