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Bmw S54 dual vanos + DBW on Link?


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Hi guys,

First off I will say I understand how industrial PLC works and without going into extensive stuff I know what can be done with them, roughly. I don't have much (if any) experience with engine management stuff or how Link ECU's are programmed tho.


I was looking at how it would be possible to run the S54 with vanos and dbw, it seemd quite easy until I found out the 'silver case' was a thing of the past. Even with the new G4, as I understand it, you are lacking a PWM output to run the E-throttle module. My first idea on how to get around this brings up two 'problems' which I have no idea if they can be solved or not :

1) The solution would be to run one of the cam (two controls) on one PWM output and use another output to activate a relay/solidstate between both solenoid. Common sense would say you wouldn't be activating both at the same time (one working against another...). On this situation it could be done only to the exhaust cam and keep the intake cam with two output, if it can help get better management... I think the intake cam is the most important on this.

Problem : I don't know how the mapping is programmed. The ecu probably have a feature to control all this from two inputs, would it be possible to use one input with 2 maps (if that's what needed or one map take care of both retard and advance...) and activate the other input to activate the right solenoid for advance or retard? That's probably more how you would do stuff in the industrial programming, saving your 'important' output and using the common ones for stuff like reversing a rotation.


2) Use the remaining PWM output for dbw. You could then use the E-Throttle module and wire it correctly. My question tho is what is different in throttle management versus other PWM features so it needs it's own module? Couldn't you just use tables for it and once again use a regular output and a relay/solidstate to reverse rotation (From the diagram I'm guessing that's how it works mostly).


I don't know how hard it would be to implement those things or if it's possible... (but then again common sense would say it's certainly doable) but it would be quite awesome to run all these features on limited outputs. If it really works well you could save an extra one by combining the intake cam to. I saw the post about a guy asking for a S62 and it wouldn't work (needed 8 outputs). Maybe that would be a solution to it to.

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