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Trigger Options & Wiring for BMW M30B35

Kerem Erdag

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Hi There,

Car is 1990 BMW 535i (m30b35 engine) turbo with stock wiring harness to which I'm making a motronic 55pin connector to link g4 storm connector adapter.

Engine has 60-2 crank trigger wheel with a reluctor sensor and it has ignition system with distributor with a cylinder identification sensor on 6th cylinder ignition cable which I assume is also a reluctor type.

* May I use this cylinder identification sensor as cam trigger? Do I really need it? If yes, what should be my trigger 1 and trigger 2 settings?

* My future plan is to switch to wasted spark coils. At that time there won't be a cylinder identification sensor. then how should my trigger settings be?

Thanks in advance,


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As you are doing a 6 cylinder on the Storm there is no need for the cylinder identification as you are not able to run sequential fuel.

So you can use just the 60-2 trigger.

Trigger mode will be multi tooth missing.

Set your trigger 2 sync mode to none.

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