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Methanol Tuning

Paul M

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When is the new PC link update coming for Lambda update?

Apparently it was mentioned in one of the threads you guys were working on it

With so many cars using E85 now days wouldn't it be beneficial to offer this, since  the G4+ PC link software has it

How much work is involved to covert it  to suit G4 models?



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I am just familiarising myself with the 4.9.8 software
I don't have the ecu wired into the car just yet

Been told by link that it can log A/F down to 2:1

What A/F system are you using?

How do you set quicktune when the AFR Target map below 8:1 (that's the limit), do you have to be online to do this?

Never used quicktune before

Is AFR Target separate from quicktune?

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IN the G4 ecu  not to be confused with G4+ ecu

you can only log and display AFR petrol scale

if you can get your head around lambda vs afr petrol scale you will have no issues

example 14.7 = 1lambda

               13.08 = .89

               11.47 = .78

AF system  bang for buck and reliability and accuracy= Zeitronix Zt3 system

otherwise motec plm or ltc  etc   depends on budget really

quick tune is online tuning method as you go through the load sites. I would suggest you go through the pclink help on how this works and setting it up correctly for a better understanding






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So what your saying is if I am running methanol and if I have 14.7 in the AFR Target map then my actual real time output is 14.7, then in reality I'm getting 6.4 (1 Lambda) is that right?

So if I want 3.5:1 for methanol I need to put 8:1 into the AFR Target map  (0.54 Lambda)

So then I can only go as rich as 3.5:1

I've got a Innovate LC1 with a bosch 4.2 sensor which that say is 0.5-0.7 higher that the actual A/F using a NTK sensor

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