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Trigger Setup?


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I'm using a LEMg3 to run a ej22t/ej25 hybrid in a 98' Subaru Legacy 2.5GT. That would be a ej22t short block what phase 1 DOHC Heads from an ej25. I'm wondering how do i setup my triggers (cam and crank position sensors)? Under the "trigger mode" drop down menu, the only subaru option I have is "Subaru V7-10(JDM)". I can see "Subaru V1-6" but it says *unavailable" directly under it. So Will the V7-jdm settings work?

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If you can see Subaru V1-6 triggering, then you should be able to select it.  It is the option that is normally directly below it that is actuall unavailable.  The trigger mode you use will depend on the crank and cam pulleys you are using.  I think from memory you will use V1-6 triggering with steel cam pulleys and the V7-9 with plastic pulleys (of course you need the matching crank pulley).

You can turn fuel and ignition off and crank the engine on each mode.  Watch the trigger error counter and RPM value under the triggers runtime tab.  You are looking for stable cranking RPM and the trigger error counter not incrementing continuously.

If your motor is of the same era as V7-9, then start with V7-9 triggering, if it is an earlier engine then start with V1-6 triggering...

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