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Spark Plugs Problem :(

Daniel Sluiters

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Yeah i have had my car dyno'd all sweet. all the ratios are mint etc.. but it keep fouling plugs... they only really last for about 30 mins of driving then it start to fart and stuff and i pull them and they are covered in carbon...

Im using a link v5 on a Nissan CA18DET engine

Plugs i have been using are bcpr7es

Should i maybe try a hotter plug? like a 6?

Any help will be much appreciated

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A 7 temp range plug should be fine for that motor if the ambient conditions are not super cold or you are running very low compression. You can try a 6 range plug, but I don't believe that is your issue. From what I can tell, it sounds like your air fuel ratios may be mint for WOT conditions. Although, it sounds like your ratios at idle and cruising may be richer than desired and thus fouling your plugs. You should be able to target 1 Lambda for idle and light to medium cruising conditions without issue. Running richer than that under light load conditions has the ability to easily foul the plugs with excess carbon deposits. If your plugs are not platinum or some other exotically coated metal, then you could use an old pneumatic school spark cleaner on them until you track down your issue. I hope that helps. Christian.

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