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Datalogging\PCLink auto-reconnect.


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I've heard rumours of a new datalogging/ analysis application. I wondered if it were possible to integrate an auto-reconnect into the software such that if the car is restarted the logging software would reconnect. This would allow common use of something like a solid state laptop to record data from racing events. It's simply impossible to run through a series of mouse clicks in order to reconnect while staging or racing.

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Why don't you just use the ECUs on board logging Daniel?  At least then you could configure it to only record while you are actually racing.  

Note that if setup, PCLink will start logging when a particular condition is met...  Eg, it could automatically start logging if RPM goes above 500.  So, start the application, bring RPM over 500 and you are automatically logging.  Be aware that it records a log file, then will write over it if you dont save it.  Also, it will not automatically save the log file when closing.

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