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Problems LINK G3 over 6.000 rpm

Jens Frieske

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Hello, i drive a german Subaru Impreza WRX STi (My 04) with 2.0l (Stockversion 265 hp), added APS Parts, an SR-40 turbo, 800ccm Injectors, bigger TMIC, 3" APS Exhaust System and so on... The car runs well, also under 4.000 rpm...the problem over 6.000 rpm is, its kind of knocking even with really low turbopressure...we see that on the knock link sensor from link...and u can also hear it over the headphones... Someone told us, it could also be not a knocking but sparkfailure/misfire ? We already changed the spark plugs and the sensor for the crankshaft, but it doesnt help... Under 6.000 rpm the car runs stable...when we replace again with stock ECU, its runs again without any problems...so it sounds like a problem with the software i think... Can anyone tell me, what could be the problem ? thanks in advance

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Have you considered that you may be running to much ignition timing for your boost pressure and fuel combination?  You may need to pull some timing out at high RPM/boost.  The best tool for knock detection is a listening device like the KnockBlock.  Also make sure that the timing is calibrated correctly (see the PCLink online help).  It would also pay to check that the trigger arming threshold voltages (G3 ECU's only) are not too high.  This has been a problem on some WRX's.  It can be fixed by reducing the voltage by about 0.5 at higher RPM.  Dont make these voltages any lower than they need to be or the ECU may be prone to interference...

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I can assure you there is no problem with the WRXLink G3 causing damage to coils/leads... However there is a problem with people fitting them to vehicles and not tuning them... The ECU just does what it is told... If you tell it to give the coils a long dwell time, it will give them a long dwell time possibly causing them to get damaged...  People like to blame the product but it is a tuners responsibility to get it right for the engine!!!

Anyways...  If you are getting unstable RPM at any RPM value then there is a triggering issue.  Are you getting any errors on the trigger error counter?  If the ECU is not correctly calculating engine position then there could be problems with inconsistent ignition timing.  The first place to start for this is the arming voltages and trigger filtering levels.  There have been quite a few people that have successfully done the modification of fitting a cam positiion sensor without any trouble...

You caould also have a look through the WRXLink G3 sample pcl files and see what settings are being used...

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