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Bosch BIP373 igniter driver

Matt Lee

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Looking at the data sheet, the 372 seems to be the surface mount equivalent to the TO-220 373


I believe the device will run satisfactorily from the ECU, but I'm sure Link guys can give you better confirmation..


Personally, I'm running a Mitsubishi J131 (Found in Nissans and a few other cars)

The device I'm using includes a suitable plug that can be easily rewired (or obtain the crimps from Jay-Dee)

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Thanks Rod, The 373 is a basic chip where a J131 may have other supporting circuitry required for its operation hidden inside. Its this additional circuitry that is of interest. The BIP373 pdf indicates only a resistor though this may depend on the link ECU ignition drive signal. Voltage/ max current etc Hopefully the Link guys can give some pointers

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Hi Matt,

By the looks of things, It will work. But we can't guarantee this without proper testing. 
The selection of base resistor value is important, 1k will be too high. Maybe something around 330R. By the looks of things the base current determines the current limit. You could measure the voltage across this resistor to determine the current, play around with resistor values to get the desired base current. You will need an isolated scope too.
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