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Link Plus G3 "ECU block 3 is not responding"

Brendon Robar

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I have a Volvo 240 with a 16valve turbo B230 and the Link Plus G3 ECU. The ECU sometimes gives an error message that says "ECU block 3 is not responding. Contact your link dealer" What does that mean? I'm wondering if it could be connected to a problem the car has had since the beginning where it stumbles and coughs randomly and the AFR's go way lean. It does this problem randomly and under any circumstances; there's no pattern to it and there's no sign of trouble from data logs. I can't fugure it out. Could this be a hardware issue with the ECU? I'm new to all this tuning business so any help would be great.



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Hi Brendon,

There are a couple of possible reasons for this message.

1) The ECU has momentarily lost power. This can be related to the positive power to the ECU or the ground/earth to the ECU.

2) The ECU has a hardware issue and needs to be repaired.

Have a check over of your wiring and if it all appears well you possibly have an issue with your ECU.


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