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Boost map switching on G4 Xtreme


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Hi folks. I want to use 3 boostmaps. First and second is low and high boost. Im using DI5 to switch to the second map and that works fine. But the 3. map.. I want to use this for E85 and use even higher boost here. The way i want to switch this map on is: DI5 on AND a volt limit from a AN input (volt input is a 0-5 volt ethanol sensor) So i thought i would use one of the viritual aux`s as a GP output to manage this. But the 'switch cond' dropdown menu do not contain DI5 (or any other Di`s) What it does contain however is a 'DI value ON/OFF'. Do i just use this and set the 'switch value' to 5??

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Nice.. Thanks!


Got another Q for you. I posted this on another forum but did not recive any answers yet.  (after all it IS a weekend right now..)

I`ll just copy and paste it:


Im thinking of getting Zeitronics flexfuel setup. This got a 0-5v output.

My ecu is the Link G4 xtreme.

I dont want to use two separate maps where one is for pure pump gas and one is for E85. I want them to 'merge' based on the 0-5V input.

Now how would i do this? Im thinking to tune the car on pump gas for the main map. and then maybe use the 4D map table with sensor voltage vs. MAP axis for E85 correction. Will this be sufucient? should i i.e. use voltage vs. RPM instead?

Is the fuel requirement for E85 vs. pumpgas linear? MAP vs RMP wise...

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I dont see a reason on why having the y axis setup as 0-5volt input would not work and have the map

as a percentage correction  for fuel and ignition   no it is not linear so you will spend  a bit of time getting it

right i would suggest do the pump gas tune first then do a 100% e85 percentage correction then interpolate the rest of the correction table from there






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