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VH45DE VVT option select.

Adam Hollings

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I am setting up my VVT and there is no option for the VH45DE engine.

What would be a suitable replacment.

Also the factory engine had VVT online approx 1200rpm and shut off at 4600rpm, however there doesnt appear to be a selection to disable it past a specific rpm.

Any help would be appreciated..

Many thanks,


Adam Hollings.

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Hi Adam,

I don't have any information on what the VH45DE VVT trigger discs look like. Is your ECU G4 or G4+?

One option will be to do the cam angle test and see what angles you end up with on each cam. If you can do this and let me know whether you had the cam sensors set to falling or rising edge, then I can compare your numbers to some of our existing patterns.

To read about doing the Cam Angle Test see PCLink Help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > VVT Control > Tuning VVT Control > Cam Angle Test.

If you have G4+ ECU you can use the 'User Defined' VVT mode to get it going off the information you obtain from the cam angle tests.


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Thanks for the swift reply scott.

As far as i am aware there isnt any Cam angle sensor points on the VH45DE, Just 2 solenoids. one for each Intake cam which drives an oil pressure cut valve.

Stock VTC operation as per FSM is:

Idle = VTC off (8 degrees OFF overlap)

above idle - 4600rpm = VTC ON (28 Degree of overlap)

greater than 4600rpm = VTC OFF (8degrees of overlap)

Hope this information helps you as it doesnt help me choose the correct option.



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Hi Adam,

From what you are saying it sounds like the system is ON/OFF, similar to how some of the old honda systems used to be.

In this case you do not use the VVT control section of the ECU. You wire each solenoid up to an auxiliary output and then configure the output as CAM-Switched and specify the conditions under which the output turns on.

If the solenoid has ground applied to it to make turn it on then you can use any Aux output channel. If it has +12v applied to it to make it turn on then you will need to use Aux 5 to 8 and set the Driver Type to High side.

Be sure to confirm there is no position sensors on the cams before trying this.


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