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CA18DET Wiring check please G4 Storm

Steven Oakley

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My wiring set up:

CA18DET wire colors on the left Link G4 Storm on the right

C.A.S Wiring:

A: Black Wire (Earth) = Trigger 1&2 Sensor Ground White x2

B: Black/White (Power) = +8v Red/White

C: Green/Black (1 Degree) = Trigger 2 Red

D: Green Yellow (180 Degree) = Trigger 1 Black

Injector High Impedance:

Injector 1:

White/Black = Brown/Black

White = 12v switched

Injector 2:

Yellow/Black = Brown

Yellow = 12v Switched 

Injector 3:

Green/Black = Brown/Red

Green = 12v Switched 

Injector 4:

Blue/Black = Brown/Orange 

Blue = 12v Switched 


Black (earth) = Green (sensor ground)

Light Blue/Red = Yellow/Blue (An Volt 1)

Light Blue/Black = Red/Blue (+5v)

Engine Coolant Temp:

Black/Orange = Yellow (Temp 1)

Black = Green (Sensor Ground)

Bosch 0 280 130 085 (Air Temp Inlet)

Yellow/Brown (Temp 2)

Green (sensor Ground)

Coil Pack  Igniter:

pack 1: Red/White = Blue (ing 1)

Pack 2: Red/Yellow = Blue/Brown (ing 2)

Pack 3: Red/Green = Blue/Red (ing 3)

Pack 4 Red/Blue = Blue/Orange (ing 4)


A1: Engine Fan (hs)

A2: Engine Fan

A3: Tacho

A4: Fuel Pump

A5: Boost Solenoid 


AN V3: Wideband (AFR)

AN T1: Engine Coolant Temp

ANT2: Inlet Air Temp

I am not running the air regulator or A.C.C Valve. I Have taken a 13mm pipe from the inter cooler in behind the throttle plate and plated up the A.C.C valve.

Is my C.A.S correct? Also any advice would be nice 

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