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isc solenoid frequency sti ej255

Nick Diggles

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Hi Nick.

The AUX that is running the ISC Solenoid has to be on AUX1 (if it is solenoid type).  To adjust the frequency you must press enter in the box after changing it to 200Hz.  It is a common mistake to 'tab' out of the field and the setting not to save in the box... Just press enter.

Let me know if this is your issue.



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hey mate yeah i just didnt press enter idles smooth now. another prob i have is that the rh cam sensor (sti ej255 avcs inlet cams) keeps getting errors when i go into runtime values but with a couple revs on the status goes back to ok any ideas? DI2 is the input for it where as i use trig 2 for the lh cam sensor because it also gives sync pulse, im unsure on this any help would be appreciated cheers Nick

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