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Boost control


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Had my car tuned - Link G4 - about 2 months ago. I get major creep. Creeps up to 18psi/275kw by around 6k. Had the tuner use the Link boost control and got it to creep to around 16psi/260kw.

How do you guys feel using the Link G4 boost control? My turbo is a hybrid using the stock 7psi actuator.

R33 rb25det - stock plenum/exhaust manifold.

Trying to sort this problem out.

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Hi Ray,

If the boost control has been tuned by a professional tuner and you are still getting boost creep then perhaps you need to modify or replace your wastegate setup.  I can not recall any customers contacting me in regards to problems with boost creep, the G4 boost control works well. Perhaps some other G4 users will give some feedback.


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Thanks Scott - not doubting the built in boost control function.

I tee'd it off the actuator(bypassng the solenoid) and it still creeps up. I get 7psi almost instantly(like before) but at around 5k it starts creeping up to around 15ish. I've spoken to the person who did my turbo, and he reckons I need a better boost control. 

Maybe I might get an r32 actuator(10psi rating) and see how that goes. I havent played with my ebc yet either- Gizzmo MS-IBC.

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Fixed. Turns out the backing plate for the heat shield was actually restricting the flapper from opening fully.. which explains my creep. Now I put on an R32 actuator and it holds 10psi solid through.

At the mo - I have the link doing the boost control - How do I use my EBC? 

I have a fair idea - Pull the vacumm line from the ecu, and feed that to my EBC?..? Please advise! :)

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Scratch that. 

I called up Tech support and found out I just need to disconnect the loom from the solenoid to the ecu over to the ebc.. pretty simple!


PS - If only the Display link was a bit cheaper I would have gotten one.

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I was previously using an Apexi AVCR for boost control and swapped over to a Grimmspeed solenoid and the LinkG4 boost control and I've been really impressed. The LinkG4 boost control setup is pretty comprehensive and can offer some pretty complex tuning options. One trick I discovered with the open loop boost control is to add a map axis to the rpm/duty map and you can create a semi-closed loop boost control - tapering off the duty once it's reached the pressure you want and keeping it maxxed out till it does reach the pressure you want. Very cool stuff and I reckon a real winner in comparison to standalone boost controllers.

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