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cas ca18det dont start engine

Giannis Leontiadis

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You need to check that the ECU is seeing a RPM signal and no trigger errors.

Check that all inputs are correct and no limits are activating.

You can also use the test ignition and injection functions to check all wiring and operation of the coils and injectors.

The CAS should not need to be moved from the factory position. Any timing changes can be made through the ECU.



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Is the spark happening at the correct time?  Confirmed with a timing light?

Do you have igniters in the circuit and not firing the coils direct from the ECU (assuming no smart coils)


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Yes i set with light i use siwuencial at fuel direct at ignition i use 4 channel igniter i use spark out of cylinder to look the fire and it has fire when start engine but cant hear (boom) To anyone cylinder always 300 rpm and nothing... If i put the cas at oem position look to light 60 degrees and cant do right from ecu put -30 lock ignition an the best value is 40degrees if i turn the cas i tune with light at 10 degrees to tdc is correct but not engine start . burned igniter? Burned ecu? I dont know

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When you say it burned a safety is this a fuse or circuit breaker that has been blowen?

If so this is not likely to be caused just by moving the CAS.

To have this happen there will likely be a wiring fault like a short circuit.

If your timing was at -110 and looks correct try a offset of 250.

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Lets go back to the basics.

Spark needs to be strong and at the right time all the time.

You need compression

You need fuel

We need to find what is missing and then find the reason it is missing.

If the car has run well on a set up in the past there is no reason those settings will not be correct now unless some thing has been changed on the car.

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When you are in the setting panel it removes any timing that ECU is using from the main tables and any trims.

Once set and you close the setup window  the timing will then change to whatever is in the main ignition table + any trims such as IAT ignition trim.

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