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wiring error?

adam hrachowina

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There are two problems here:

  1. Firstly there is a mod that can be done to the AdaptaLink to stop the fans coming on in acc position.  This problem only happens on some models.  Supply an email address and I will send instructions.
  2. You obviously havn't set up the jumpers inside the AdaptaLink into their correct positions as stated in the instruction manual.  Sounds to me like you have the speed signal going into DI1, not the A/C signal.  So as you start driving the speed signal starts pulsing and switches the A/C on and off.  Swap the DI1 jumper to the other position and all will be good...

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thanks, thought it must be configured wrong somewhere! that is what is happening-the a/c request is pulsing... i havent got the instructions for the adaptalink,i borrowed it as i havent had time to wire in my breakout loom. Its a 2.5 hybrid and we have just establised a base map to work from,all seems good so far other than the car was hot when i arrived to fit the link and so we could not set the cold start fuelling. Can you point me towards sorting initial throttle action, from fully closed it can be snatchy with what can best be described as a flat spot (when sitting idle and gently applied),also when rolling off throttle the transiton is somewhat severe. E mail address sent Many thanks, Adam

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You have found the catch with the LEM.  Unfortunately if you want to run all the features at the same time you will need a more sophisticated ECU (eg LinkPlus G3).  You can run launch control and flat shifting together and anti-lag (always on) if required.  You cant run boost by gear and launch at the same time as two DI's are required.  Most people will run the A/C switch to the DI for road use, then switch over in PCLink for track use.

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