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fuel pressure fail safe


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I want to do a fuel pressure safe strategie on a LINK G4. 

What is the better option? 

to use a differential pressure sensor or a fuel pressure sensor? personally i like more the idea of a pressure sensor, because i can log effective pressure in rail. 

how i can set up a fuel pressure fail safe  on a G4? 


Why i ask in G4+ forum: 

The new firmware 5.2 has the option to choose differen fuel referenc typs: MAP, FP Sensor, returnless

For what is it, the FP Sensor and returnless type? whats the consept behind? can FP-Sensor in some kind be used for FP fuel safe? 

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If you use a fuel pressure sender the ECU can work out the differential pressure.

You can use a GP limit to set up a limit should the pressure drop to an unsafe level.

In the new firmware the pressure input is use to help determine the injector flow.

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