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Engine struggling to rev above 4500rpm - Weird Dwell Log...

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hello , I have a Link G4 storm installed on my toyota 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that runs stock wasted spark ignition and stock crankshaft trigger wheel 36-2, along with a KnockLink wired to the stock sensor but not correctly setup yet. The engine idles perfectly but above 4000rpm on WOT the car struggles to rev and while logging i noticed some weird dwell readings. Moreover the spark plugs of the first wasted spark bank 1-4 often come out with melted electrodes indicating pre-ignition while the other two of the bank 2-3 always come out in perfect condition. while the dwell is configured from 1.4 to 2.2 along the rev and voltage range there are readings of 0,05 as well as 3,81. I suspect wrong trigger calibration or valve clearance issue even though the smooth idle does not point towards it. I have attached one log file. Any help would be appreciated , thanks.


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Today i re-callibrated the trigger wheel and was ok , Checked valve clearance and was also ok , checked compression and had 150-190-190-150 and i suspect burnt head gasket due to water overheating, could the burnt head gasket justify the pre-ignition above 4000 on boost and the weird dwell readings ? thanks !!

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Today i removed the cylinder head because last night one porcelain insulator broke from spark plug no4 and dropped into the cylinder while driving. The piston surface is ruined on the fourth cylinder as well as the engine head on top of that piston. Pre-ignition signs are very obvious , broken piston rings on cylinders no 1 and 4 and scratched cylinder surface. Is there any connection between dwell readings and this phenomenon ? Was there any way i could see that coming via the logs and avoid it ?

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