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Evo 5 Anti-Lag and Cyclic Idle

Daniel Nicholls

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Hello i have a Lancer Evo 5 Rally car and i dont think my Anti-lag is set up correctly. i have uploaded the settings and Retard and fuel maps for the anti-lag.

The car runs a air bypass solenoid as seen in the engine picture.

It is also only turned on from a switch on the dash.

I know the cyclic idle is not turned on but think i should and will put it on the 'On' setting to only come on when anti-lag is used.

I have read the help files and the Retard seems way to high. could you offer any suggestions?

Or have a base anti-lag setup i could use.




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Anti lag varies so much from application to application and driver to driver.

The cyclic idle is not needed if you have a switched air bypass, it was there to allow GPN applications where the throttle is never able to be closed fully.

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