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Subaru I/C water spray - Auto & Manual with Link?

Matt Williams

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Hi Everyone,

My V3 Sti RA has both Manual and Auto switches. Manual used to run trigger a spray for about 3 seconds, timing relay is now gone due to a knob trying to steal the car...Auto never worked for me, even prior to the Link G4 Plugin being installed.

Anyways...thought I'd just re-wire the lot, and wire in the Link. Just wondering how others have done it? The more I think about it, the more ways I see it being possibly done.

I'd like to have the Manual function utilise a timer in the link i.e. Wire the manual SW (momentary ON) to a DI, then set a timer so it sprays for say 3s.

The Auto i'm thinking i'll link to IAT, so it sprays at say 70deg. I need the Auto SW (ON/OFF type)  to be in the picture so I can disable the Spray for when I'm just cruising round otherwise I'll always be filling the reservoir! Plus my 'level SW' appears to not work anymore either, so my safety net of that stopping the pump run dry is gone. (side question, are these easy to track down?)

The Link plug-in is tight for outputs as well, so I'm not sure I can do both functions through just one output or will I need two? I think I have one Aux Output (A/C clutch) and I could use one of the Aux - IGN outputs (don't need A/C fan). Got heaps of DI's free.

Thanks in advance!


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Setting up the aux will be easy ;

just use a gp output , set switch off timer to 3s and use 'cond. 1 or 2 AND 3'

set cond 1 to your di for the manual switch

set cond 2 to your di for the auto switch

set cond 3 to IAT temp> value and set the value you want.

If you want more than just IAT then set cond 3 to virtual aux and configure the virtual aux with the conditions you want (say maby 80% throttle , speed above 50kph and IAT above 70)

if you would wire the aux through a double pole relay(30 would go to the pump,87 to the aux,87a to nothing,85 to switched 12v and 86 through your level switch) then you shouldn't have the pump run dry

hope it helps :)

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Aux outputs supply a ground when on.  Make sure the 12V side of the relay coil comes from a source that is only live when the ignition switch on.

And I would probably ignore the comments above about using a GP aux, virtual auxes etc, the G4 has a native "IC spray" function built in that will take care of all the logic.

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