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PCLink Injector Choices


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Trying to select high impedance injectors.

If I use 80lb Siemens FI114992 injectors, can I select the Siemens 107961 in the PCLink software?  They are the same family of injectors, just the 80lb versions instead of the 60lb version listed in PCLink.

Also, what are the 'Bosch 1000H' injectors listed in PCLink? Are those the new high impedance 1000cc Bosch injectors, part # 0 280 158 279?

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Hi Tom,

Selecting a specific injector type in PCLink sets up the injector deadtime to suit that table. You can find the information for the injectors under PCLink Help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Fuel > Injector Setup > Injector Information  You can see if the specs for your Siemens FI114992 injectors match up with the specs for the Siemens 107961. If they do match exactly you can use the Siemens 107961 in the PCLink, otherwise you will need to enter the information into a custom deadtime table.

I can-not find any information on the Bosch 1000H injectors, not even in PCLink help.


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