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Xtreme 1uzfe vvti

Steve Bull

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Hi, having just got hold of  an xtreme ecu and looking at the 1uz loom things look a bit, well, like a snakes wedding.  Cant seem to find a pin out on the 1uz loom to patch it in to the xtreme loom.  

Will the ecu pick up all the toyota sensors and injectors or is there more to do.  

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ECU will need to pick up most of the factory sensors and outputs.

So you will need

IAT, ECT, TPS, crank and cam position sensors, VVT control solenoids, fuel pump, engine fan, coils, injectors, intake runner control solenoid, Idle speed motor, could well be more depending on application.

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Hi Steve,

The G4 Xtreme with a silver case are capable of driving an e-throttle direct. These are no longer sold.

Cruise control worked on one of the subaru  plug-in ECUs, but not on anything else. Depending on how complex the system is you may be able to get it working using a variety of inputs, virtual auxilaries and an Auxiliary output.

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