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2004 JDM STi wont start or idle after G3 to G4 upgrade

Shoaib Haroon

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Hi all, As the title says, My car, A 2004 JDM STi is not idling/starting. First I will list my setup and then my detailed problem. EJ22T closed deck block, Pauter rods and CP pistons, final compression 8.2:1 with JDM version 8 heads, mild ported and 1mm oversize valves. Kelford custom grind 276, 274 AVCS Cams. Precision T3 6765 DBB turbo. Tomei Equal length headers with custom 2.5 inch up pipe and 3 inch downpipe. APR DR750 front mount intercooler CORE and full race reverse mount piping kit. 75mm throttle body and 1100 cc deatchworks injectors. Link G3 based subaru plug in ecu upgraded to G4 by Link Newzealand with link 7 bar map sensor and knock link with link display. Old G3 was running great and the car then had a GT35R turbo. The current map on the G4 was converted from the G3 map and uploaded on the ECU by Simon at Link newzealand himself. After Plugging the ECU into the Harness, and checking all connectors, I cranked the engine up and then to my surprise, it didnt fire up/start. Upon checking I found out that cylinder # 1 and # 4 had lots of unburnt fuel and were wet with fuel, while cylinder # 2 and # 3 were ok. So when I fire it up, the car tries to breathe and idle but then dies after doing so for a couple of seconds. I reported this to Simon and he asked me to check for any errors. Sure enuff, I was seeing Trigger Errors and Link was reading 15000 RPM engine speed where it was actually 500 or 600 RPM. Then, I was told by Miles @ Fine Line Imports USA to calibrate my trigger setup with the help of a timing light. I checked and found it was a bit off, so We adjusted the trigger setting accordingly. After doing this I again tried to start it, but to my utter Disappointment, it didnt start this time as well, and there were trigger errors and same rpm spikes and difference in actual rpm and what link was reading. I am at such a loss here...I cant seem to narrow or identify the problem. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. Its come to the point that I am thinking of getting some one (a tuner from US or Singapore or New Zealand) to come to my country and tune the car. Plz help. Since its saturday here and Link tech support is closed today, I have had to post here. Although I must say Simon had been very kind and helpful whenever I have called or emailed him. I am planning on calling him while I am with the car and Laptop connected to it and try to trouble shoot live over the phone. New zealand is 8 hours ahead of our local time, so its 1:30 am when I have to call. Lets see what might be the reason... I am attaching my map for all of your refferences....


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Simon, I am sorry to inform you that I havent been able to sort it out. Was a bit busy with work so couldnt take time out to call you or work on the car, cause I have to call u when its 1:30 am here so it gets too late for me and I have office so, waking up is a bit of an issue in the morning :) Today finally we got to work on the car and thoroughly checked it mechanically, we checked the trigger wheel, timing belt, checked the timing with the help of a check light again. So all is ok but we still are having the same problems. Our guess is that may be the inputs are wrongly configured or something, so we will give u a call tonite. Hope fully we will get some where with you on the phone helping us. Thanks for checking up though.

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when changing from G3 to G4 Firmware there are quite a lot of changes that need to be done and updated

If you want to send a Pcl file through to me i can have a look and see if it has been configured correctly

alternatively i can remote log on to your computer and check it from here if you want



[email protected]



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