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Extra secondary injectors on 13B

Brad Hansen

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currently i have a 13B running sequential staged injection with 2x 650cc primary injectors and 2x 2200cc secondary injectors.  In the future i would like to convert the motor to a semi peripheral port setup which would utilise the 2x 650cc primary injectors and the 2x2200cc secondary injectors but would also incorporate another 2x 2200cc secondary injectors.  to do this would i have to change my setup to group fire staged injection and rewire my setup so that its as follows?:

Front rotor(1): Primary - inj1; Sec1 - inj2; Sec2 - inj4.

Rear rotor(2): Primary - inj3; Sec1 - inj6; Sec2 - inj8.

If this is the case would i notice any difference to performance/smoothness?


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Hi Brad

Which ECU are you running on? Im thinking Xtreme as you mention 8 injector drives.

If you do have the Xtreme you have the option of using aux injection or having two injectors off the secondary drives.

Aux injection lets you run a ms based duty cycle off injector drives 5-8 so you can faze in a 3rd set.

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hey simon, yes im running the red xtreme ecu; since i will most likely need to change up my harness a bit i might convert my water/methanol injection to a pwm setup controlled by the ecu (uses 2x solenoids with different sized nozzles) as well as run an extra secondary set of injectors off the spare inj outputs; only thing is this could bring me close to table allocation.  theres not a way that i can drive two injectors off the one output so they operate simultaneously? and just adjust the secondary ratio to suit.

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Hi, I have a similar situation that I am running 2x725 and 2x2200 injectors, planning to add 2 more 2200 injectors to the secondary rail. I am using the G4+ plugin ecu, if I run 2 2200 injectors off a drive in parallel. Do I need to change the injector dead time, short pulse adder table? I understand I need to double the injector amount to 4400cc. Thanks

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