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minimal Timing Table


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I use many ignition correction tables (IAT,coolant, traction control, speed correction) etc. In the worst case all the corrections can become active together, consequently  the overall ignition timing can go much to retarded.

So i thought about a minimum timing table that is always active, except while launching or ALS is active. This way we can prevent the engine from overheating, stalling or mechanical issues. 

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Any update to this? 

just had the situation that a too retarded timing has ended up in uncontrollable boost creap and much to high EGT's . Happened because the engine was in a running condition that added up alot of safety retard on different tables.On top of that the engine is very knock limited, so we see already very high EGT's on normal operation conditions.  To be exact,  it's driftcar that made a standing burnout and  bounced for a while on the Revlimiter. IAT, ECT and Rev Limit safety retard added up together which ended up in much too retarded timing. I don't want to reduce the IGN retard on the specific tables, because it's needed if just one condition applies (for example, just high ECT, no revlimit and good IAT's) . Functions as Traction Control, Launch control etc, can sum up the retard even more, to a level that will destroy some mechanical components. 

Conclusion: We need a minimum timing table, the settings should  allow to choose if it's also applied while  Antilag, Launch or Traction control is active. 




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Would it be worth while having a value option where it would reduce ignition then reduce fuel over the set valve, and vise versa for fuel cut.

As example have a limit of 10 Deg ignition cut. If all the compensation of RPM, IAT, Water Temp EGT temp add up to 15 deg you would get 10 Deg ignition cut then 5% fuel cut.

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