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Another G1 Possum Link ID

Rob Hawxwell

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Rob.

This plug in has dedicated anti-lag software in it, only programable by a hand controller.  This leaves you in the position of either keeping the anti-lag if you are needing it or updating it to a standard 'WRXROAD' PC tunable firmware.  In short you can only have one, or the other (PC tune or anti-lag).

  • W97LAGN is the anti-lag firmware.

  • 18 Oct denotes release date.
  • 775 is the encrypted unlock code



Hope that clears things up a little.





Previously Rob Hawxwell wrote:

Hi all, i just picked this up for my 97 wrx and would like to find out any info about it Can it be upgraded to pc tune or is it limited to the link tuning module? The only markings i can see on a sticker on the chip are: W97LAGN 18 oct 00 775 Any help is appreciated Cheers


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