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Extra Injectors on a G4 Storm?

Doug Lilley

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Hi Doug

You have a few options.

1. You can add the extra injectors, 1 on each channel (with individual ballasting if required). This would give you sequential fuel with 2 injectors on each drive.

2. You can pair up your current injectors onto drives 1 and 2, and pair the extra injectors onto drives 3 and 4. This gives you group staged, where the extra injectors come in at the higher rpm.

and finally, 3. The best option is to sell your Storm and replace it with an Xtreme, (you'll still get a good price for the Storm cause it's so new, and the loom A will plug straight into the Xtreme. This way you add loom B, wire up the extra 4 injectors and run Sequential Staged with 8 channels of fuel.


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