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Not sure where to start LinkPlus V14

Daniel Livesey

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I recently purchased a sand rail/ dune buggy with a Nissan VG30DET engine and a LinkPlus V14 ECU. I had to pull the motor to get the transmission fixed and all the factory wire harness simply unplugged. I put everything back together and it does not start, upon searching the Nissan forums I checked the coil packs and they do not have 12V going to them, this signal would normally come from the factory ecu and I am assuming now the LinkPlus. The fuel pump is working properly along with the 2 other relays that are wired with the unit. It started and ran fine before I took it apart and being new to something without a carburetor I am not sure where to start troubleshooting if it is in-fact something with the ecu. I did not receive any tuning module or PC link when I purchased the vehicle so I am unsure if maybe the mapping may have been lost. The battery was unhooked for about a month so I am not sure if this may have also had a negative effect on the ecu as well. I am located in Arizona, USA and I have noticed that this product is not too common around here. I am really scratching my head here and any help or direction you guys can provide would be great., additionally if you guys need more inoformation about anything I am happy to do my best to supply that.

Here is the information on the unit






Thanks in Advance,


Daniel Livesey

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You will still have the MAP as you can remove the ECU and store it for years with out any loss on memory. The missing 12V to the coils will pose a problem. This might be on the same feed as the fuel pump so might only be there whilst the pump is running. You can also get in touch with either of the following Arizona Off Road Buggy Supply (O.R.B.S.) 2525 E. 16th St. Yuma, AZ 85365 Tel: 928.783.6265 Vivid Racing 1835 East 6th St. Suite 26 Tempe, AZ 85281 Tel: 480.966.3040

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