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File importer?

Matt Dunn

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I see in the G4+ PCLink help file it says

"File importer to allow PCL files from older G4 ECU's to be imported into G4+ ECU's"

How is this achieved.

I am looking at changing from G4 to G4+ but would like to load my PCL file into it and have a play first.

Cant find any instructions in PCLINK and couldn't find any obvious way of doing it?



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Hi Matt,

The File importer works in the background when you open a G4 base-map in PCLink V5.0.0 onwards. The base-map will only open and import if you have a G4+ ECU connected to PCLink.

If you want to have a play with the PCLink (V5.0.0 onwards) you can open any of the base-maps that come with it.


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