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This bloody annoys me!!!

martin battye

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Just had a read of that. Quite interesting how he rubbishes the ECU before any sort of investigation or any attempt to play with the tune. Ill give him that he did back off when the 1st dude put him right, and admitted that it was a tune fault rather than the ECU. But then threw in 'oh but it can only do wasted spark' lol. Like it matters. Justifying wasting F2500. The guy who sold and installed did pretty well out of it too.

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Just goes to show you what a bunch of POMS know, after all didn't they send all their prisoners Aussie & NZ. So I suppose, we can send them our Link ECU and fail to send them an instruction manual or maybe they can't read or understand what they see.. Anybody want to go to england and sort them out...(taking no prisoners) or actually maybe we could give a few back...;)

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