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turbo link.. dedacated ecu?


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i have a old carbed suzuki, and i was givin a turbo link for a favor. i have a draw through turbo kit ready to bolt on but i want a better more reliable soloution, can i run a turbo link as a dedacated simple ecu, using intercept mode and the points output as trigger, and running ign into a ign moduel then back to coil.. 4 high imp inj or 1 signle inj, tps & throttle, i relise it has no cold or post start settings, but surly is could be possible? with a rough start and warm up? what other problems will i run into and whats a new turbo link worth?

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TurboLink is an extra injector controller and on most models it can provide ignition retard.  The engineers who designed that older stuff ensure me that there is no way it will run as standalone engine management.  Apparently it wont run the injector drives when under vacuum.  I think you would be better to spend the little extra and buy a LEM G3.  The time you will spend trying to get the TurboLink setup and the poor result you will get will easily cover the extra cost of a proper standalone ECU...

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