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Timing too advanced when cranking???


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Been having a problem while cranking the car on cold starts. It starts to turn over then makes a bit of a short screeching grinding sound and there is quite a jolt, I then stop cranking and try again which most times results in a normalish start although sometimes after the engine has started it wont idle and will just die unless you put in a bit of throttle - this all happens quite suddenly, sorry i can describe it a bit better, all I know is that ive heard this before on an engine and we backed the spark of 5 degrees at a time till it started nicely. How can i adjust this in my G1, if at all - or does someone else have an opinion on what else it might be, not enough cold start enrichemnt or something. Thanks

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Sounds like a combination of weak starting (starter and battery) and too much base timing...  You can get over advancing problems if the engine winds over too slow when the crank angle sensor does not have a lot of teeth.  Set you advance limit to zero, then check your base timing with a timing light and see where its at.  Adjust it by moving the crank angle sensor, distributor or using sub-board offset switches.  What engine is this on?

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