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Link G4 Xtreme for R34 GTR, adapter or wire-in?

daniel chin

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Hi, just want to clear up a couple things. I'm looking at getting a G4 Xtreme for my R34 GTR as i have preference for sequential ignition over batch fire of the plug-in option. Trying to get an idea around costs/features and just want to know if i miss out on anything if i buy the adapter loom for the Xtreme for a GTR as opposed to do a full wire-in job? Obviously the wire-in is a pretty labour intensive thing, and if the adapter takes care of that, without sacrificing features of the ECU, then it's probably a no brainer, but i'm not knowledgeable when it comes to these things. cheers, daniel

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hi daniel

i specilize in nissan cars and i recommend the plug and play there is no real advantage in running the sequential ignition other than the ignition offset form front to rear of the engine approx 4 deg at 8000 rpm

a carefull tuner will give you a vey safe and reliable tune on this ecu i run several cars with this set up producing over 400kw at the wheels

the option of fitting a adaptor to your harness is time consuming and for little or no real noticable difference.   i can make you one up if you still wish

drop me a email if you wish to talk more

[email protected]

cheers Ross Honnor  

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