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tuning nightmare

brad neely

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i have just put an sti block and a garrett gt28 in my legacy. this car was already running great with the AVO edge 350 turbocharger and a stock NA block. It's controlled by an old link, (i don't know the model, but it requires a hand-held and will not run off a laptop.) The car ran fine on the old map until I recently had it tuned professionally after which the car would not start in the cold. Next I had the crank bumped up from 6% to 16%. this was the only change made, the car now starts in the cold but runs like absoulte shit! Lots of black smoke and soot on the ground behind the exhaust, backfires a lot and will not stay runnig... HELP PLEASE!!!!

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My best advice would be to take the car back to the tuner and get it sorted!  Chances are that the car is flooding on crank and fouling the plugs....  If you have spent that much money on power upgrades, maybe it is time to update your ECU to a G3 unit that has all the flexibility to tune every aspect of cold start and warmup and provide a waaayyyyy more stable day to day tune...

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