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some Launch control questions


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I've some questions regarding to setting up launch control. 

As I understand, Launch Ignition control could be used to built boost at the line. But as soon the car is rolling, the ignition angel should go back to normal values so the engine makes full power. How and when goes the ignition timing back to normal ignition table? I don't wan complet deactivate launch control after the start, because I like to use the rpm limit table to achive traction control in first gear. 

How do you span the axis on a 3D launch rpm table? 

Is it possible to use engine speed rate of change to achive a traction control while launching? the could be a possibility for 4wd vehicles. 


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The ignition angle returns to normal once the ECU is out of launch control this will depend on the mode as to how soon this is after the car is moving.

The Axis set up is really up to the user there can be all sorts of configurations.

I cant say I have seen rate of change used but no reason not to try it.


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