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Thinking of going link... but have questions

Wade Gadsby

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Hi there I went to the Auckland Speed show and spoke to a Link rep, who has me pretty much convinced to go link instead of 'bandaid mods' like Apexi safc and adjustable fuel regs etc. I have put a B6ZE (mx5 engine) in a 323, have added a turbo and bigger injectors and it goes like s#!t... well it idles!! So a couple of questions regarding the G4 storm 1. Does the Autotune function need a wideband o2 sensor, or can I use the current stock o2 sensor and still autotune? 2. I hear Link is the easiest to use as far as plug in and then drive. I am not a rocket scientist, nor a millionaire, so basically -could I put the link in fiddle a bit and then go and do a burnout? Or will I have to get dyno tuned? 3. Do you get a fuel map to suit your engine when you buy a g4 or is it a base map that is universal? Sorry about the newbie questions but I am at the stage where I could fork out for a Link but am worried about how much is needed to fork out for extras (and whether these extras are totally necessary) Thanks - any help is much appreciated :)

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1. Autotune requires the use of a wideband lambda meter

2. If you have some knowledge and equipment and patience then yes you can do it yourself it depends on what you are wanting from your setup and how reliable you want it to be

3. The base map is universal and intended to to get the vehicle running only

the only extra you would need to purchase is a air temp sensor



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