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PCLink Compatibilities

Bevan Marshall

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Hi guys.


Had a few issues with Link drivers recently. One minute working fine, Nek Minnit, dead. Cant connect to the laptop. Zero changes to the computer whatsoever.

After a painfully long time trying to get the driver to re-install (have to do it manually i found, as PClink keeps saying its fine even though its been un-installed), i finally get it working again.

Originally i un-installed PCLink and re-installed it to no fix, then tried the latest version too.  Now none of my old log files or ANY of my old tune .pcl files will work. I just get an 'error on line 0'. Real helpful that :)

This is very frustrating, as i have more than one tune for the car for each application. Street/track/drag etc as i have different exhaust sizes. This isnt the 1st time its happend either.

WHY OH WHY are tunes not compatible with new versions of PCLink? It makes life incredibly difficult!

Im guessing the obvious fix is to install a previous release of PClink, but i wouldnt have a clue what version i used to use.



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