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S14 SR20 plugin questions

Robert Larsson

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Hello! I recently purchased a Link G4 Plug-in for my SR20DET 1995 S14 (pre-facelift).

I also bought the Link 4 Bar MAP-sensor and XS loom and IAT-sensor. I just need some help, even though I'm sure this info is somewhere, I'm just new to ECU installing with the sensors etc, so I hope you will bare with me :)

First off, the company I bought my things from sent me the 5V version of the MAP sensor - I don't suppose it's possible to re-pin this to use 12V, since the diagram that comes with it shows 12V on another, unused pin? If not, is there any recommended 5V I can use - the +5V from the XS loom, how many things can I use that with? I need for the MAP, the IAT and my AEM wideband sensor - but the wideband, shouldn't that be wired to one of the analogue 0-5V outputs? This is probably very simple, but I think I'm overcomplicating things (and is also not very smart, hah).

And then there's the boost controller - I have an electric boost control solenoid from my GReddy Profec B Spec2 boost controller, which I'm assuming I can use, but I havent found any information in the manual how to connect/install the solenoid with the ECU, any info on that?

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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Hi Robert

The best bet will be to use the help file of PC Link.

This will give you all info needed and is easy to search.

The map sensor can be repined all you need to do is move the 5V wire over one position and the sensor can be wired to 12V this can send its signal via the AFM wiring or via the XS loom.

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