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4.5 mega annoying 2-3 second pauses/timeouts

pat richard

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Hi I'm pulling my hair out on this, on this car with a G4 I am having extremely annoying 2-4 second "pauses" on the laptop when tuning, to the point where its not possible to properly tune timing etc. on the dyno. I have tried 4 (FOUR!) different PCs and all are exhibiting the same problem, I have tried baud rates from 19200 to 115200 it happens all the same, is there a common cause or fix for this ? I have only seen this on three cars of the several G4s I have ever tuned but this one is the worst ! Using latest dload and fware

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Hi Pat.

Can you confirm (ie. You have checked) if the plugs and leads are a resistive type?  Please tell me what the car is, and ECU type you are using.  Common causes for this sort of thing are usually to do with excessive electrical noise from the engine bay, caused by resistive plugs and leads not in place, or wiring issues (earthing in general). 

Another idea is to try another cable, as you seem to have a consistant problem by the sounds of things, and have not mentioned trying another.  Is it always the same type of car you are doing (eg. are you an EVO specialist)?  Have you tried a serial tuning cable? 

The one other thing I can think of is the latest G4 USB driver, as there is a known issue with this.  If you installed the driver that came with the new PCLink 4.5.x, there is a high potential for it to drop off regularly.  My suggestion there would be to roll back the driver to the previous version through your MS Windows device manager.

Let us know how you get on.


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