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Subaru AVCS Calibration


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Was trying to figure out how to calibrate the cams. This is what the manual says:


Offset - The angle in crankshaft degrees between TDC and the first camshaft position signal when the camshaft is in its fully retarded position.  This value can be measured using a degree wheel or obtained from manufacturers manuals.  Alternately the Cam Angle Test function (found in the VVT menu  after a Cam Control System has been selected) can be used to determine the Offset value.

Then under "Cam Angle Test"

Observe the Cam Test Runtime Values at the bottom of the PCLink screen (press Ctrl+F5 to make digital RTV's visible).


My quesiton is what are these run time values?

I thought my offset was around 14 - 17 degrees (Kelford 272 AVCS V7 cams). But when I add the offset in the current cam position goes from 14-17 to 28-34 so I am not sure what's doing. I thought with the offset if would've gone to 0 in the retarded position? Can anyone help?


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The offset is the location of the first tooth past the sensor after TDC#1

A point to note is that when using the Cam test function make sure you have 0 through your cam target table.

The run time values are the degrees that the teeth are passing the sensor referenced to TDC #1



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