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High boost

christer sjoberg

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i have a R32 GTS-4 Skyline with gts link plug in. The managment system works ok. but i am at this point running with high boost pressure ..35psi or 2.3 bar of boost (3.3 bar abs, pressure) ,but since the maximum boost and the limit for the map is 1.5bar (2.5 abs,pressure) i have to run with a fixed value all the way from 1.5 bar up to my actual boost pressure. it works but i would like to swap for a pressure sensor that reach atlest to 3 bar absolut pressure..and is adaptable with the system ,is that possible or should i buy a new g4 system ? btw the engine is a RB20DET and runs on Ethanol, it have all the parts to support 800hp thanks Chris Sweden

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Hi Chris.  Unfortunately the limitation has been reached of this ECU.  It cannot be modified to have any calculated control with boost pressures over 1.5bar of boost (around 22PSI), and purchasing a more capable MAP sensor still leaves the ECU with no input that can make sense of it.  I think it's time to move to the G4.


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